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On Friday, your imagination has no limits, but beware of hasty decisions. New Year's Eve will be a real rocket with stormy energies and an exciting resolution. On New Year's day shimmers loving vibrations and the winds of change will get you off the ground. Happy New Year! Read more

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Year horoscope 2013 for your zodiac sign

Wondering how horoscope 2013 will be more concrete for your zodiac sign. Here you can read about the highlights of year horoscope for every zodiac sign. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Horoscope 2013 Aries

Aries 2013 promises to be a very dynamic year for career and business , except in August and September when the energy is slightly quieter on this front. Even when it comes to love and relationships , there will be opportunities to strengthen ties with both a life partner and with friends and relatives . Best holiday month for Aries is probably August. Health for Aries in the year looks set to remain stable . However, watch for excessive alcohol consumption or a possible DUI incident that can cause problems in terms of health .

Horoscope 2013 Taurus

Year of the Ox 2013 looks to be smooth and easy thanks to an influence from Uranus - Uranus - Pluto. Career and employment will be fruitful if time and consideration spent on this . Earlier strained relations may this year be strengthened and become better . Best month for vacations or trips and tours looks to be June. When it comes to health so may Taurus encounter any less attention measurement problems, so before construction to like this with a good diet. Otherwise , health is good .

Horoscope 2013 Gemini

Gemini in 2013 looks set to start something slow but towards the second half of the year, career or entrepreneurship rewarded only if Gemini is diligent and keep a happy mood . This is especially true in June , October and November are extra productive for Gemini . When it comes to love , then favorable influences from Neptune - Saturn strengthen ties with a love partner and create good family - friend relationships. Best holiday month are probably in July , although important cultural or political activities promoted during this month.

Horoscope 2013 Cancer

Cancer in 2013 may start a bit cumbersome especially when it comes to career and entrepreneurship. But hang all crabs for the rest looks Tropic years out to flourish when Mars and Pluto will inspire crayfish with mental acuity and creativity. During April and September are the greatest economic opportunities and during April and May are the greatest opportunities in terms of relationships and love. Overall, April is therefore Cancer's best month on all levels. With regard to health so it looks good all year round with the exception of July where health may deteriorate slightly.

Horoscope 2013 Leo

Leo in 2013 may initially lined with some stagnant periods or even obstacles both personal and career -related plane. BUT , Leo comes back with a vengeance with the help of a supportive Venus - Mars. In the latter part of the year is a chance to both career interests / status -based progress and expansion of harmonious love relationships. Especially in October month is productive for Lion and the month is also perfect for fun excursions and trips. When it comes to health so Leo can get some sort of liver problems. So be moderate with alcohol and make sure you eat the right diet.

Horoscope 2013 Virgo

Virgo in 2013 are likely to be financially stable and also offers great opportunities for Virgin to get rewards in the form of promotion or attention for their hard work and creative ideas thanks to a favorable impact from Mercury - Mars - Saturn. During March-April are extra good chance of love, harmony and improving existing relationships. Health appears to be holding up well during the year , but possibly any breast -related ailment set to something .

Horoscope Libra 2013

Libra 2013 looks to be very good. During the year, there is a chance to both improved social status and economics as well as stronger and more loving relationships with a partner or friends and relatives. The second half of the year will be more purely focused on career development while the first half is both status and relationship favoritism . Health of Libra during the year looks good, with only a few minor stomach or nerve problems. Best holiday month or months for experiences is probably April .

Horoscope Scorpio 2013

Scorpio 2013 looks promising with great opportunities to achieve goals and success provided that Scorpio is able to withstand brave and can take advice from others. The economy will therefore be stable but beware of excessive extravagance. The love and other relationships with friends and relatives look good, but it will require its fair share of patience , wisdom and gentleness. Something that Scorpio may find it hard , so work with that. Health-wise sees year too nice out with the exception of May-June there any health problems tend to be most likely.

Horoscope Sagittarius 2013

Sagittarius 2013 looks fruitful even if some obstacles will pop up. These obstacles , however, Sagittarius handle with ease especially as lyckoplaneten Jupiter affords extra help to all shooters this year. Big chances for real progress and recognition for the Sagittarius causes are most likely . Love -wise, it also looks bright with possibility to Saturn help create more harmony in existing relationships and strengthen other relationships. When it comes to health so it looks good and the only risk is overload or stress that could upset some of Sagittarius are not afraid of himself.

Horoscope Capricorn 2013

Capricorn in 2013 looks to be very happy and prosperous in every way. Positive rays from Saturn and Mars will give Capricorn force to solve career problems or economy on both a brave and impressive manner. Huge returns on prudent business projects may result. Improved stability in the economy and increased financial gains are increasing from February onwards . Capricorn will be full of creative energy and vitality throughout the year but especially during the middle part of the year . When it comes to love and relationships , there are generous opportunities to also strengthen ties with a love partner as well as friends and relatives. Health is also good .

Horoscope Aquarius 2013

Aquarian in 2013 looks to provide plenty of opportunities for personal development and expansion in terms of career and entrepreneurship. An invigorating and positive Jupiter helps Aquarius to find new avenues and business opportunities throughout the year. The greatest chance for economic development and prosperity in the latter half of the year. When it comes to love , there are good opportunities to restore or repair both love relationships friendship / family relations . The health remains fairly okay for most of the year too.

Pisces Horoscope 2013

Fish in 2013 offers a lot of surprises and unexpected events. As long as the fish keep an eye on her impulsiveness , this will turn out very well . Maybe fish at the beginning not the appreciation and praise as it should. But with a supportive and positive Saturn to help can fish fight their way up to the slowly increasing progress with ample growth opportunities. However, this assumes that the fish do not spend too much on luxury and extravagance. Love and relationships look good with very close proximity and few complications . Health may be a bit wobbly if not fish take care of themselves and focusing on proper nutrition and preventive health care.

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