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On Friday, your imagination has no limits, but beware of hasty decisions. New Year's Eve will be a real rocket with stormy energies and an exciting resolution. On New Year's day shimmers loving vibrations and the winds of change will get you off the ground. Happy New Year! Read more

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Horoscope for 2012 - Year horoscope

No other year horoscope has become so renowned then for 2012, with a possible exception of the millennium horoscope. The reason is that the Mayan Indians several thousand years ago wrote about in 2012 as the end of a great era, which many interpreted as end of the world. But the fact the Maya also wrote that a new cycle was to begin, so the question is, will 2012 it really be the en of the world, or is this year just the beginning of a new era for all humanity...

Many major planetary aspects will take place during 2012 and everything indicates that the Mayas predictions will turn in and a new age of spirituality will emerge. But each new cycle or era often begins in a few dark periods to go through to the new to break through. In 2012, Jupiter and Saturn collide a few times, causing economic upheaval, poverty and war. So be extra careful to save money and be happy a contingency plan for emergencies when they occur in February, the end of June and July.

Revolutions, riots and religious conflicts

Media will more bizarre news flourish, probably linked to the way a spiritual leader or other person planning to "save the world". Neptune, which in itself is a very emotional level, will be in the equally sensitive sign of the fish with the result that many religious factions will be affected extra. This results in turn to a lot of continued unrest in the Middle East, but the "Arab spring" also seems to spread to other places on earth. We will also see the proliferation of people who join various cults and sects, including increased number of suicides and the prophets of doom will be marked off.

2012 become for many the first steps forward to eventually completely leave the old behind. This may result in the emergence of a lot of riots or revolutions around the world, some very violent. Especially in July, an influence of Mars, Uranium and Pluto get people to want to shape their own destiny and refusing to be led by others.

Technological innovations

The inventive Uranus will be in Aries energetic character throughout 2012 which will probably mean that we will see some form of new technology. Probably something to do with home and energy. Maybe we will run our homes in some other way or it will be an electronic function / device to use primarily at home.

Market-renaissance and change

One of the major planetary aspects are Uranus / Pluto square that affect Aries and Capricorn. Furthermore, in March to begin a backward path in the virgin character. These aspects will create an innovation energy in a very tangible way, to challenge corporate power elites in a different way. This force will operate until 2015 and it can during this time both creating market renaissance and revolution. We will be challenged to make radical changes and be innovative.

The effect of the retrograde Mars, who said to affect businesses and the economy in several ways during 2012. March is the driving force behind making money and all forms of economy. When it moves backward through the sign Virgo, this may lead to strikes, bad working conditions, labor problems such as infectious diseases or other health problems. Extreme weather conditions can also hinder the operation of many businesses.

But the other side of Mars Reversing course, many people in 2012 will be able to successfully run their own business by doing what they love most. In other words, there are great chances to put a relatively casual recreational interest or hobby into big money in 2012.

June is also Jupiter in Gemini sign which allows for great economic success or news. This applies in all areas but particularly in media, communications and technology companies. The influence creates both prosperity and brings great intelligence to everything we do.

On May 11 and even 14 and 20 August, the Moon, Mars and Saturn be in conjunction with the star Spica (which is actually two stars). Spica is said to give wealth, fame and honor, so these days is supposed to be extra lucky.

women leaders get crucial

On the 16th of March, a månavskärmning of Pluto to occur. A foreclosure is when an object is hidden by another. This is the first foreclosure since January 19, 1935. In that year, Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo across the Pacific. The moon reigns namely the women, residents and family, we are likely to see a couple of strong women who will take the chance and get more power ... or go against the grain.

Ultra-clear is that when Venus June 6 makes a rare voyage through the sun, which will take a very powerful female personality forward. Such a Venus event has not occurred since 1882 when Queen Victoria ruled a large part of the world. This woman's influence will come at the last moment to save the world from economic or spiritual negativity.

Another aspect that occurred in 1882 was the world's first hydro-opened on 30 September of the year, which is yet another indication that we are on the verge of finding a new powerful source of energy in 2012. < /p>

Is the earth during the 21 th December 2012

On 21 th December 2012 is finally a very special event which probably will become the universal and spiritual awakening that many for thousands of years waiting for.

On 21 th December 2012 occurs namely a rare planetary triangle between Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. This is called Yod, or loosely translated "finger of God". It means that a tremendous tragedy or loss of any kind will force mankind to change drastically, so that a similar disaster could never happen again. The most likely scenario is that the crisis will be created by humans themselves, such as a government anywhere in the world. Its actions will affect us all in a very direct (and short-term negative) way. But the consequence will be that we change one of mankind malicious behavior for the better, which will increase our quality of life and lifestyles in the long run. This is presumably the start of the new era has been expected for several thousand years.

As I said 2012 will be a year of change in which a large dose of flexibility will be needed. Be open and accept the changes that will come into your life, for even a year, promises to be unusually turbulent needed these changes to new opportunities to open up. 2012 is all the chances for innovation. So dare to embrace the new era and throw you into an exciting year also called the "black water dragon year" in the Chinese zodiac, but more about what this particular dragon can teach us about 2012, in a separate article. Do not miss it!

Article by Aurora

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